Dear Mr Churchill.png

The story of a unique collaboration between Britain’s wartime Prime Minister and its only ever movie mogul

During Churchill’s “wilderness years” in the 1930s, he was employed by the film producer Alexander Korda as a screenwriter and historical advisor.  This film reveals how Churchill’s lifelong passion for cinema and storytelling influenced his approach to politics and crucially his wartime strategy.

Churchill played a vital role in one of the most defining dramas of the twentieth century, the Second World War, and his actions have been immortalised on screen many times since.

By delving into his imagination, this documentary reveals what really inspired him during these difficult times and shows how his connection with an Hungarian-born, British film producer helped to change the course of history. 

John Fleet  
Colin Clarke

Michael J. McEvoy      
Charles Barr
Charles Drazin
Stephen Fry
David Lough
Jonathan Rose
David Thomson
Lady Jane Williams